Tuesday, 23 July 2013

VMware Certifications - Registration process and candidate IDs

Wow, it's been a long time since I blogged! Has the world survived without me? Sure it has! :-)

VMware have changed the registration process for all their certification exams to require validation of the relevant pre-requisites before a candidate is authorised to register for an exam.

This was done previously for VCAP-level exams to ensure the candidate was a VCP, and for VCDX too, but now it also applies to VCP-level exams.

So, to book any VMware certification exam, start at http://www.vmware.com/certification - head to the page for the exam you want to book and click the large "Register for the exam" box towards the top of the page.

This does change one fundamental thing - you now have to have completed any pre-requisite training before you can register for the exam. Previously, you'd be awarded the certification if you did the training and exam the "wrong way round", but going forward you won't be able to register for the exam until the training requirement has been met.

The other effect of changing this process is that the certification system at VMware and the exam registration system at PearsonVUE now need tighter integration, the result of this is that every candidate needs a new ID that both systems recognise.

Existing VMware candidates have been emailed this week with their new ID, recognised at http://www.vmware.com/certification and http://wwwpearsonvue.com/vmware

For more information about these changes have a look at this FAQ page


  1. Hello Scott.

    Few of my friends done the VCP 510 certification without attending official training in month of August/September 2013 . I would like to know can they complete the course in reverse order like first certification and than training to obtain certificate copy.

    1. So they've not done the certification if they haven't met the training requirement. At this time all exam registrations have to be pre-approved by VMware to validate the training requirement has been met, so I'm not sure how your friends took the exam if that's what you mean? If they really have passed the exam, then yes once they've taken the training they will have met all the requirements for the certification, but they will need to email certification@vmware.com to ask for their status to be verified.

    2. Hi
      It appears you are able to request authorisation for an exam and have it approved therefore allowing you to schedule and sit it BEFORE you enroll into a training course.
      The authorisation process is automatic and takes 15 minutes to receive a reply.

    3. @Anonymous (October 22) - the authorisation process is supposed to validate your training attendance.

  2. One of my employees did a VMWare training almost one year ago. He wants to schedule for the exam this week and had an examvoucher that expires on the 30th ov November. He registered with VMWare and got the message "Your request to register for the certification exam has been processed. You can now go to Pearson VUE to schedule your exam." But when he tries to schedule the exam with Pearson the following messages appears: "You do not have any pre-approved exams at this time." What is wrong? Maybe there's some processing time involved?

    1. Check the candidate ID on the VMware account and the PearsonVUE account - they should match.

      If there are any problems, email certification@vmware.com

  3. Thanks for this basic, but helpful guide to a beginner! :-)