Monday, 18 June 2012

New course: vSphere: Optimize and Scale

VMware recently announced the release of the first higher-level training class for vSphere 5, titled vSphere: Optimize and Scale [v5.0].

It's a 5-day class that follows on from the popular Install Configure Manage class, and it covers a number of high-level aspects and features of vSphere 5, including:

- CLI access to vSphere, and log files
- Performance and optimization for CPU, RAM, networking, and storage
- Distributed virtual switches
- Storage multipathing, vStorage APIs, policy-driven storage and VM storage profiles
- VM and cluster performance guidelines and troubleshooting
- Image Builder
- Host Profiles
- Linked Mode
- Distributed Power Management
- PowerCLI
- Auto Deploy

The content and labs align closely to the forthcoming VCAP5-DCA certification. VMware and VATCs are scheduling this class now, for further information about dates and locations follow this link:

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  1. Booked on this course in 6 weeks! looking forward to it!