Friday, 23 March 2012

VCAP5-DCD - exam format

The format for the VCAP5-DCD exam will be similar to the existing VCAP4-DCD exam. This exam will contain some items that are based around vSphere 5 features such as Storage DRS.

The final release date of the exam is yet to be confirmed but I would anticipate that it would be towards the end of April.

The time allocated to the exam is 4 hours, and managing your time effectively is one of the key strategies.

There are three different types of items in the exam:

1. Multiple-choice questions (approximately 50% of the items)
This is the same format as the VCP5 exam, where some items require only a single answer and some require multiple answers.

2. Scenario questions
Drag-and-drop questions based on a given scenario.

3. Design questions
A Visio-style design interface where you have to match customer and design requirements.

The items are scored according to the level of difficulty of the individual item, the multiple-choice questions count the least and the design questions the most. The scenario and design questions can also be answered partially correctly, but the multiple-choice questions have to be answered completely correctly to count towards your score.

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  1. Not looking forward to doing the VCAP5-DCD, need to put a lot of background into this.

    Thanks for the info on here.