Friday, 15 October 2010

The first batch of VCAP4-DCA holders are here!

There's been a few messages flying around on Twitter in the last day from people reporting that they've received the results of their VCAP4-DCA beta exam, so the world has it's first VCAP4-DCAs!

Those that I've heard of so far:
Jason Boche
William Lam
Chris Dearden
Duncan Epping
Rick Boyett
Kanuj Behl
Hal Rottenburg
Rick Scherer
Mark Gabryjelski
JF Richard
David Convery
Bill Griffith

I'll keep the above list updated if I hear of any others. I met quite a few people at VMworld this week who have their exams scheduled in the coming weeks, and I'm going to book mine soon.

Congratulations to all VCAP4-DCAs!

List last updated on October 17th 2010


  1. I got the notice that I passed last night. Feeling pretty good about that. It was one tough test..

  2. Hi Rick, congratluations! I've added you to the list above :-)

  3. Include Rick Scherer to the list.

  4. I received notice Thursday morning as well, glad to find out I passed after 4 months of waiting :)

  5. Agree Rick. It is probably a good thing that VMware certification is not involved in the Chilean miner rescue effort.

  6. Me too! Me too! I got an email Thursday night. I took the beta version in the summer and again at VMworld.

  7. Thankfully I didn't have to take it again...they wanted me to but my schedule was way too busy at VMworld. I guess what they could salvage from the test I took in June was enough to pass :)

  8. Me too. I received an email on Wed, October 13.

  9. @Bill: Are you the Bill Griffith who's also a VCI?

  10. @Bill: Well done, and welcome to "the list" - I'll hopefully be adding myself soon :-)

  11. Anyone else get a VCAP-DCA? I was wondering about running for mine but wasn't sure of all the different implementations that were out there.

    Any idea on when they will move it to 4.1 so I can start studying?

  12. I got my notification on the DCA pass a while back too, just before the invite for the DCD.


    Mark Elliott.

  13. I'm VCAP-DCA #12 according to my welcome kit.


    Chris Huss

  14. I just got my score of the VCAP-DCA exam and I passed!!!

    I received an email with the notification just a few hours ago.