Tuesday, 28 September 2010

vSphere-land "Top 25" VMware blogs

I blogged recently about the vSphere-land "Top 25" VMware blogs, voting was open for a couple of weeks and Eric Seibert who runs the site had my blog in the list of those you could vote for - and I'm proud and humbled to say that whilst I didn't make the Top 25 (I never thought for a minute that I would), I did make the Top 50!

Here's the full results: http://vsphere-land.com/news/top-vmware-blogger-results.html

Personally, I voted for 10 of the blogs in my "blog roll" down the right-hand side of this very page - if I could have voted for all of them I would have. This blog gained a respectable 263 points, and is listed 42 in the list - Duncan Epping's Yellow Bricks was the clear winner of the poll - I direct an awful lot of my students at Duncan's posts on HA and DRS, and he got my vote too. I shall be meeting Duncan at VMworld in a couple of weeks too, as well as many other bloggers from the list.

One interesting article that I read in relation to the Top 25 was published this morning by Tom Howarth over at PlanetVM - a very different perspective on the Top 25 - http://planetvm.net/blog/?p=1713

Thanks to all those who voted for this blog, I really appreciate it :-)

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