Saturday, 21 August 2010

Can't decide whether to attend the new ICM course or the Fast Track?

Ever since I blogged about the new 5-day vSphere: Install Configure Manage course I've received emails from people asking about whether they should attend that course or the 5-day extended-hours vSphere: Fast Track course.

The new ICM course, available from August 23rd, has been updated for the vSphere 4.1 release - there is mention of those 4.1 features that are relevant to the course objectives, the software used in the labs is the 4.1 version, and VMware have also switched the host version used from ESX to ESXi in line with their recommendation that customers transition away from ESX and deploy ESXi. The new ICM course also contains material and labs that were not present in the now-retired 4-day ICM 4.0 course, this content has been brought in from the Fast Track, and was highlighted in my previous blog post on the new ICM 4.1. The new ICM material also brings the course content much closer to the objectives covered in the VCP4 exam blueprint, in comparison to the ICM 4.0 course.

The Fast Track course in it's current form will retire at the end of 2010, and has not been and will not be updated for the 4.1 release. Fast Track still contains some material and labs which do not form part of the new 4.1 ICM course, specifically around the vSphere CLI and how it can be used to administer host-level networking and storage.

If you're debating which of the courses to take, I would definitely suggest to consider the new ICM 4.1 course due to the points I make above.

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