Monday, 14 June 2010

Becoming a VMware Certified Instructor (VCI)

I get lots of emails from people asking me about becoming a VCI, I've been one since 2006 and thoroughly enjoy holding the title and doing the job too!

VMware have now launched a VCI portal, it can be accessed via the Education Services page, or directly via this link or this link.

The welcome page of the portal outlines the VCI requirements and gives the link for which potential VCIs can use to contact VMware. The requirements for becoming a VCI are strict, even just to deliver a vSphere: Install Configure Manage course a VCI has to meet three key requirements:
  1. Attend the VMware vSphere 4: Install, Configure, Manage course twice
  2. Pass the VCP4 certification exam with the required minimum score (350 or more for a VCI)
  3. Attend and pass a VMware Instructor Certification Workshop (ICW).

There are also specific requirements for delivering other official courses on vSphere, as well as the other products that have instructor-led courses. These are all detailed in the secure area of the VCI portal, and VCIs also have access to a private community forum too where we can exchange ideas with one another and courseware developers.


  1. Scott,
    Thanks for the info. I am planning on taking this route and hopefully becoming a VCI. I just passed my VCP4 exam, gearing up to become a VCI soon!

    -Greg W. Stuart

  2. Scott i have question. If VMware will create new version of vsphere for example now we have 6.0 you must attend again at ICM 6.0 if you want have valid VCI and be Vmware trainer ? if before you had for example VCI 5 ?

    1. VCIs must be "current VCPs" - meaning that you cannot be a VCI if your certification has expired. I don't know of the current rules around versions of courses that you may need to attend - email or check this page for the program guide:

    2. I just replied to your email - if you want to become a VCI make sure you have the VATC sponsorship in place.

    3. hello, everybody

      im holding now VCP 6.0 with score 420 ,
      and im interested to be VCI , i have contract with VMware Partner in my country , so whats next

    4. I've replied to your other comment with some guidance.

  3. Hello, Scott
    i have contracted with Vmware Partner in my country , what he should do to let me VCI , should i contact Vmware or he has to contact them since i hold the VPC 6.0

    1. Do you mean a VATC partner?

      Only VATC partners can sponsor your VCI application, so you should speak to whoever is the VMware business owner within the VATC.

      The VCI Portal that I link to in the main post above has the Program Guide and application form: