Tuesday, 22 December 2009

VCP3 to VCP4 "upgrade" deadline extended!

VMware have extended the deadline for VCP3 holders to qualify for VCP4 certification without having to attend an official vSphere training course, you now have until January 31st 2010.

This move has been taken as many are finding it difficult to find a seat at a Pearson Vue testing centre before the previous deadline, December 31st 2009. In other words, in a similar fashion to Christmas shopping, too many people have left it until the last minute. VMware announced the VCP3 to VCP4 path back in the summer, and the exam has been available since the end of August.

Four of the Global Knowledge UK training centres are also Pearson Vue testing centres, and I know at the minute there are a huge number of people doing their VCP3 and VCP4 exams at our centres.

I've just finished delivering another VCP4 exam prep workshop, and we are now looking at scheduling another in London in January 2010, send me an email if you would be interested in attending our intensive 1-day prep session.


  1. Does this deadline also apply to those who have not yet taken the VCP3, but have taken the pre-requisite course?

  2. Hello Scott
    Just to understand this properly as I cannot fine any other documents regarding this "Does this deadline also apply to those who have not yet taken the VCP3, but have taken the pre-requisite course?"
    I am currently certified on VCP2 and have attended the course for VCP3 but have not done that exam yet. Can I still take this even after the Dec 31st deadline and then do the VCP 4 within January.

  3. Hi James, I've just replied to the email you sent me. The short answer is "yes you can" as VMware extended all the "shortcut paths" to VCP4:

    See http://thinkvirtually.co.uk/#/paths-to-vcp4/4535861172


  4. Hi,

    I am a VCP310 certified. Can i directly attend the VCAP exam without upgrading to VCP 4?

  5. Hi harsha, both the VCAP exams can only be taken by those who already have VCP4 certification, so you will need to attend a vSphere 4 course and pass the VCP-410 exam before you can follow the VCAP paths. Scott

  6. Hey Scott,

    Thanks for your quick reply