Monday, 8 June 2009

VI3 and vSphere Course Names

As the vSphere 4 courses begin to appear, I thought I'd create a specific post on the current VI3 course names and what the vSphere 4 equivalent courses will be.

VI3: Install & Configure > vSphere 4: Install Configure Manage
VI3: Deploy Secure & Analyze > vSphere4: ???? (name yet to be announced)
VI3: Fast Track > vSphere 4: Fast Track

The ICM will still be the standard 4-day class, suitable for the VCP on vSphere 4.
The DSA replacement will contain content on Scripting and Automation, Scalbility, Availability, Troubleshooting, and will also be 4-days.
The FT will contain the ICM material, and the "DSA" material, in a 5-day accelerated class.

As I've already posted before, Global Knowledge will be running all of these classes as soon as they are available. ICM delivery starts on 29th June, FT starts in August, and "DSA" should be available in September:

It may be that attending the "DSA" and FT will be the only way of being trained on the "DSA" topics (as above), or they may be available as shorter, modular classes. There will also be a set of "Design" classes too, see this post for details:

Don't forget, if you already know VI3 you could attend the vSphere 4: What's New class from 15th June, as I've posted about previously.



  1. Scott - thank you for your informative post! I am a VCP, and have been trying to map out what course to take. I never got a chance to take the DSA in 3.5, and would like to get some training in that arena for 4. Looking forward to the coursework as it becomes available. Thanks again!

  2. Hi Scott.. I am planning to take the VCP 4 exam as I have recently undergone training. Could you please provide me the VCP4 exam related points or Dumps if you do have.

  3. The best pratice exams and study notes I've seen up until now are from Simon Long: